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Zombie Spoof

20 March, 2009 by Sal_Lizard

Last year, my Friend, Ray Basham, showed me a short script of a movie idea that he had: "Hillbilly Bob Zombie". I loved the idea and Ray's sick sense of humor and was pleased when he asked me to be involved. He offered me the part of Grandpa with a single line of dialogue in his project. You can imagine my surprise when he later "upgraded" my part to the lead role of "Billy Bob". Ray also included other actors he knew and had worked with: Brenna Roth, a popular horror film actor, and producer, played my wife, "Bobby Lou"; Danielle Webster played our daughter, "Bobby Sue" and Chris Burdulis made his film debut as our son, "Junior (the Retard".

Ray lives in Mount Vernon, OH, and most of this film was shot on Ray's property and the immediate area. The film includes some great footage of the area and many of those who appear as zombies are Ray's friends and neighbors. Ray actually built the shack that was our "hose" in the film and did most of the makeup and effects. The talented crew from Podunkville FX also contributed to the makeup and effects that can be seen in the film.

"Hillbilly Bob Zombie" was a fun film project and Ray bent over backwards to accommodate those who contributed to its success. We filmed on some pretty warm days and once during really strong winds that eventually took the roof of the shack and wiped out power to Ray's place (Something to note as you watch the film). Now that the the footage is being edited, we all anxiously await the fruits of Ray's imagination and camerawork: did I mention that Ray wrote, produced, directed, and filmed it? He also did the set construction, and much of the make-up, and effects. Well, his wife, Debbie, was there to assist also, making sure that we were fed and watered, and that we signed those release forms. She was good about keeping the work moving and helping Ray stay sane (Despite what everybody says, Ray is NOT already insane!).

I know that Ray (like the rest of us) had hoped to screen HBBZ at the Cinema Wasteland Weekend in April, this year but it appears that only the trailer will be available so a fall screening is planned. None of us want Ray to rush it, either. HBBZ has the potential to be a really funny zombie spoof and most of us are looking forward to it, when it is completed.

By the way, As I mentioned above, Ray will be at the Cinema Wasteland Weekend Horror and Film Convention in Strongsville, OH over the first weekend of April. Stop by and say, "Hello" to one of the most warped, people you'll ever meet. I may even be there myself.